Lindsey Toms

Clay & Quilt are a husband and wife team, Ray and Lindsey Toms, producing high fired stoneware and hand quilted textiles. Lindsey has enjoyed working in textiles from a young age and began quilting back in the 1980’s. She has studied on a number of courses and workshops and holds a City & Guilds in Patchwork & Quilting.

She particularly enjoys designing and making contemporary quilts inspired by traditional patterns, using mainly cottons and linens and incorporating recycled fabrics when possible. Lindsey enjoys learning about quilts from different geographical areas

Quilts & Textiles

Ray Toms

Ray is mostly self-taught, although he credits mastering the basic skills to a much admired tutor. His pots are made from reduction high-fired stoneware from clay mainly sourced from St. Agnes, Cornwall, porcelain and black clay.

The glazes are mostly made by using locally sourced ash from different types of wood to create a variety of colours, the slips are made mainly from porcelain. Ray’s ceramics draw their influence from the Anglo-Japanese tradition.

The deeply fluid textured surfaces of his pots, reflect the rugged drama of the Cornish landscape and moving water of his youth, interpreted in a contemporary way.

Ray Toms Ceramics

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